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I can be a lonely place

A quiet shell of no regard

Within erupt the swirls of fear

Past failure Future dread

The Story

A heroic EMT veteran beset by inner turmoil, “Sam” unknowingly exhibits the symptoms of PTSD as it starts to affect his household, employment and his mental state. Haunted by an incident involving a young child, Sam’s deepening depression has manifested in his drinking, anti-social behavior, irritability with co-workers and the growing distance from his wife. Machismo prevents him from acting on his condition until suicidal thoughts threaten to turn to action. A directive from his boss sends an unwilling Sam to a therapy session. Sam’s courage in finally facing his inner fears demonstrates the possibility of a new and happier chapter of his life.

The Why

Hundreds of thousands of professionals as well as everyday people suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder yet only a small percentage of those with symptoms ever seek assistance. We have created this fictional dramatic short film to remind all that families and loved ones suffer too, and to demonstrate that there is no shame in accepting assistance. Many who have served in the armed forces, as first responders, in the medical professions or who have experienced a sudden life changing event will learn that there is hope and help.